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Mirtha Jung: 5 Things to Know about George Jung’s Wife

Mirtha Jung: 5 Things to Know about George Jung’s Wife

Mirtha Jung came to the limelight when she married the famous drug lord George Jung in 1976. Mirtha has stayed away from the media for the most part of her life. Mirtha Jung, though, was equal to the task when it came to drug abuse. She is even thought to have a hand in drug smuggling from Colombia to the US.

1.Mirtha Jung Wiki

Mirtha Jung is of Cuban descent. Nothing much is known about her birth year and place, but it is quite clear that she is in her 60’s now. Her fame and recognition are because of her status as the ex-wife of former drug lord George Jung.

Mirtha Jung had a troubled life for the most part. She married George Jung but was unable to leave drugs even during her pregnancy. Drugs were the only way for her she to solace her troubled soul. Nothing changed after the birth of Kristina Sunshine Jung, as she continued to use drugs. She was charged with the possession of the drug and was subsequently jailed for three years.

Jail time became the most important passage in her life as it helped her drugs. She decided to get clean and not use the drug for the sake of her daughter’s future. Once she was released from the prison in 1981, she has stayed away from drugs of any type since then.

2.Mirtha Jung & Blow

Mirtha Jung came to life in media after the release of the movie ‘Blow’ directed by Ted Damme. The protagonist of the movie was Mirtha Jung husband, George Jung. Penelope Curz, the famous Spanish actress played the role of Mirtha in the movie while Johnny Depp starred as George Jung. She last appeared in front of media in the year 2001 when the movie was released. Reportedly, she gave an interview to the Texas Newspaper.

3.Mirtha Jung’s Relationship with George Jung, Divorce

It was a relationship made in heavens.  George Jung, a drug dealer marries Mirtha, a drug abuser. They met through Columbian cocaine contacts in the year 1970s. When they got married in 1977, Mirtha Jung was only 24 years old while George Jung was 34. However, their marriage life was full of abuse and turmoil that eventually led to the divorced in the year 1984. This makes the relationship seven years old, during which, Mirtha gave birth to a daughter named Kristina Sunshine Jung in 1978.

4.IS Mirtha Married Now?

Mirtha Jung hasn’t married again. She said that her only true love was George Jung and she doesn’t want to marry or be in a relationship again. But on the other hand, George Jung has moved on in the life, marrying Ronda Clay Spinello Jung. 

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Kristina Sunshine Jung was born in 1978 and was only 6 years old when her parents parted their ways. She was only 9 when her father had to visit the jail. Kristina’s maternal grandmother took care of him, and when she died, Kristina had to move with her aunt who provided her with shelter and care till her 18th birthday. She is now 39 years old and married to Romain Karan.

The relationship between George Jung & Kristina was abysmal till his release from the jail, but during the past few years, they have set aside their differences and set up a new family business known as Boston George Apparel. Kristina is an excellent entrepreneur, busy in growing her business.

5.Little about George Jung, Mirtha Jung Husband

Famously notorious drug lord, George Jacob Jung was born on August 6, 1942, in Boston. He was a much-admired footballer during his school days in Weymouth High School. George Jung graduated from the school in the year 1961 and went to University of Southern Mississippi. This was the time when his life started to take a turn…

No one really knows how he landed in the Drug smuggling industry. But somehow, he left the university half way and came into the notorious business which dictated the rest of his life. George Jung reportedly met one of his friend who was in the business for a long time and realized that the business is profitable, thus started smuggling cannabis from California to New England.

During 80’s he became a regular visitor to prison and showed no improvement upon release. In 1994 he was sentenced for 60 years prison but the punishment was reduced to 20 years once he testified against Carlos Lehdar Rivas. After returning from jail, he has tried to stay clean and live his life trouble free.


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