Margherita Ronchi: 4 Things to Know About Matthew Fox Wife

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Margherita Ronchi is the wife of Matthew Fox, the guy who got fame and popularity courtesy cult series ‘Lost’. Margherita is the former model, who has played an important role in the success of his husband. Due to her sporadic appearance on media and the self-imposed privacy, the information is scarce and limited. Yaron Versano has been the only person trusted by them in recent times.

1.Margherita Ronchi Wiki

Born in Italy, Margherita Ronchi completed her early education from the Columbia University. There is insufficient information about her date of birth date, but we can confirm that he is around 50 years old now.

She is attractive and possesses a perfect body and is massively attractive. Yeah, that is why she always makes headlines. She has left her Italy, and is now an American citizen for a long time but loves to be called Italian.

2.Margherita Ronchi & Matthew Fox: A Perfect Affair

Margherita Ronchi met Matthew Fox in New York City in the summer of 1987. Margherita was new to America, could hardly speak English, but somehow managed a link with Matthew Fox. They dated for 5 years, at the time that corresponded with Matthew Fox rise to fame. In the August 1992, the couple married.

As we all know, there is always a woman behind every successful man. Margherita Ronchi was no different.  Her maturity and support contributed to Matthew Fox success in his professional career. Matthew consistently discussed the ideas needed for the show with his wife, Margherita Ronchi, eventually helping him to amass massive success. The role of Ronchi in the success of the Series ‘Lost’ cannot be underestimated.

3.How Many Kids?

Margherita is the proud mother of two children, Kyle Fox, born in 1998 & Byron in 2001. After being married for 25 years, she has made a perfect bond with her husband.

4.Something about Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox was born in Pennsylvania. He studied economics and intended to become a businessman early in his career. However, he was soon invited by TV to show commercials, and with the passage of time, found the profession to be enchanting. After making an appearance in the Wings in Margherita Ronchi is the wife of Matthew Fox, the guy who got fame and popularity courtesy cult series ‘Lost’.

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