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Kristina Sunshine Jung: Facts About George Jung Daughter

Kristina Sunshine Jung: Facts About George Jung Daughter

Kristina Sunshine Jung was born on 1st August 1978 to the drug addict parents. Kristina’s father, George Jung, was an infamous drug dealer who was responsible for most of the supply of heroin to the US. Convicted for his crime, Kristina’s father faced prison on numerous occasions. The childhood of Kristina Sunshine Jung was made shabby and uncomfortable due to these uneasy circumstances.

Unsettled Childhood

To make matters worse, Kristina’s mother Mirtha Jung also used drugs to console her troubled soul. She got easy access to drugs courtesy her husband, George Jung. Just like her husband, she was prisoned by the court in the case of drug possession.

Trouble didn’t end here. The parents had consistent feuds, and most of them resulted in long phases of turmoil. When Kristina was three, her parents eventually decided that they can live no more with each other. This prompted divorce, and Kristina was given in the custody of her mother.

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Such were the circumstances in which Kristina Sunshine Jung lived and developed her personality. But to Kristina’s good fortune, her maternal grandparents played a role to finance her growth. Fredrick Jung and Ermine Jung provided Kristina with clothes, money, and school so that she could live a comfortable life despite the fact that her parents were in jail. But this didn’t last for long. Unfortunately, Kristina’s grandfather died soon. At that time, Kristina’s aunt came to her rescue and adopted her until the age of 18.

Kristina Appeared in ‘Bow’

Kristina even appeared in a movie in the early ’90s named ‘Bow’. The movie was about her father life as a drug addict who had conflicting thoughts about his family and business. The movie actually depicts how George Jung life was divided between her love for family and business.

Bow also shows that George Jung wants her daughter to meet him but Kristina is unwilling to do so. The movie is an emotional outcry of love by George Jung about his daughter. However, the movie has a sad end as Kristina Sunshine Jung finally decides to not meet him.

So the movie ‘Bow’ George Jung is about the unwillingness of a daughter to have any relationship with her criminal father. Is the movie depiction of their real-life relationship?

Kristina Sunshine Jung & George Jung

It is in some ways. Kristina Sunshine Jung and George Jung had many differences during George time in jail. Kristina felt that her life was made tough courtesy of her father’s actions. Therefore, she wanted to lessen the role of her father in life. For that to happen, she had to cut her relationship with his father. So she decided to not visit him and maintain a distance from him.

However, when George Jung was released from the prison in 2014, he made considerable efforts to reunite with his daughter. The efforts brought an immediate result, and Kristina Sunshine Jung made a move in her life. She accepted her father forgiving him for what he has done to her.

Bg Apparel and Merchandise

Even recently, they shared their pictures together and we can see them enjoying their life together. Kristina also wished her father a happy birthday when he turned 74. Even going one step further, they have started a brand named Bg Apparel and Merchandise.

Kristina’s Hobbies

Kristina Sunshine Jung declared on Facebook that she has an interest in poetry. However, we are not sure about her credentials as she never shared anything on her social media account that could show her talent.

We don’t know what type of poetry she favors or how good she is in her domain. She has also claimed on her Facebook page that she is writing a biography of her mother Mirtha Jung and it will be published soon.

What now for Kristina?

Kristina Jung is currently focusing on her business. The clothing brand is settling pretty nicely now, and she expects to generate good revenue from her venture. Due to her father illness, she is responsible for the sales and promotion of the product.

As the facts stand, Kristina Jung is now 39 years old. She was married to Roman Karan, but we are unsure about the current status of their marriage. Athena Romina Karan is her girl name. Kristina has lived in California the vast majority of her life, including San Mateo, Concord, Millbrae, Napa, Pittsburg, and Walnut Creek.


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