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“Life Below Zero” star Glenn Villeneuve Wiki: Networth, Marriage, Age and Family

“Life Below Zero” star Glenn Villeneuve Wiki: Networth, Marriage, Age and Family


Glenn Villeneuve, 49 is a TV personality and Skilled Survivor. He did not continue his schooling and was always found using up his education hours in the Alaskan wilderness.  He’s lived life on the edge; Through the frosty mountains, the frozen lakes and the minus degree temperatures. He became America’s personal surviving instructor through the show, Life Below Zero along with the other cast members.

Glenn Villeneuve’s Net Worth

Living the basics to survive is his motto in the show. No fancy houses, cars or watches. But with the constant amount of viewership the show accumulates, it was impossible to be paid a basic income.

The show casts’ accumulated net worth is about $1 million and even if his personal income and net worth haven’t been made available, we surely know it will be close to half a million.

Marriage and Offspring

Living the life of a Vagabond for most of his years, we’d expect him to be a middle-aged bachelor with some 200 Husky pack, in a cabin house in Alaska but No. He had come out quite the family man with a large family.

Married twice, first to his first love (name N\A). They welcomed 3 children during their marriage to each other, elder daughter Willow Leaves, middle child Wolf Song. By the time they welcomed their third child, differences started sprouting eventually leading to a mutual divorce.

Soon after he met Trisha, his current wife and not to soon later gave birth to daughter Agatha. Trisha also has a daughter named Amelia from his previous relationship.

Life Below Zero With Glenn Villeneuve and his family

Glenn Villeneuve being the family man that he is loves spending quality time with his family and all his kids. So when the opportunity to let them experience first hand what he always did came, he grabbed it whole-heartedly. It became a limelight stealing moment because instead of shooting the latest series with the original cast he decided to switch it with his family members.

The Alpha dad managed to finish the shooting successfully without letting any of his family members get injured in any way. It was a milestone in his life both as a family head and as a survival expert. Surviving a minus 20-degree experience wasn’t an easy feat.

Glenn Villeneuve, the wolf pack Leader

Glenn is a unique being. Preferring to live and experiencing the extreme and not sitting in the comfort of his house. His childhood hobby to explore more of nature taught him many things and one important one is making him realize that it was more than just a hobby. It was his passion!

He had been known to have survived a 20 wolf pack encircle, amidst the isolated area purely on his experience and cool composure. Entitling the nickname Wolf Pack Leader.

Glenn, the father figure

Known as one of the most loved TV personalities, The National Geography Alpha Survival Guide has accumulated a strong fan following but not many know that he is also a proactive father. Utilizing all the free time he has on family-related activities.

Glenn Villeneuve Wiki

“Right on top! Agatha’s first time up a mountain.” He updated once along his other children. Another saying, “My daughter Agatha 10 1\2 months old, is enjoying her first spring here in the Brooke Range.”

Fun Facts about Glenn

  • Glenn lives a nomadic life in the 65 miles North of the Arctic cycle for most of his travels.
  • His entire earning came from hunting and TV Shows. According to the record pay scale, the average earning of a person working under the National Geography Channel earns about $71,000.
  • He never went to school but educated himself through books and socializing with the people he met during his travels.
  • He and his family bought a house in a quiet place and has inspired and encouraged many of his fans to do the same.
  • He had once hunted down a giant moose which was big enough to last for 6 months. Three meals included.
  • In his 18 years’ experience, he and his cameraman were fortunate enough to witness rare footage like a wolf chasing a caribou right before them.


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