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Ernestine Sclafani: 5 Things to Know About Skip Bayless Wife

Ernestine Sclafani: 5 Things to Know About Skip Bayless Wife

From the outset, everyone would have thought for a moment that GOSH, how anyone could live with a blunt man? He is probably the most hated man in sports. Yes, we are talking about Skip Bayless, the famous Sports analyst. His opinion is blunt, the behavior is often rude, and at times, dismissive. So how could her wife, Ernestine Sclafani, can cope with him when she clearly doesn’t have the option to skip him?

But here is a thing…

Having a pretty ruthless image on the surface, Skip Bayless is an amiable guy at the core of the heart. He is hardworking and has had a pretty awesome family life.

1. Ernestine Sclafani works in Public Department

Ernestine Sclafani is from Long Island, currently working in the public relations department. Being the vice president of the Weber Shandwick Public relations from the last decade, she has settled in New York. She was also the former student at County Community college and has worked as a PR for the Ball of Switzerland. It was during those days when she met Skip Bayless.

2. What about their First Date?

Bayless was the ESPN Guy who had a job there as a panelist. One day, Ernestine Sclafani brought Kevin Dillion to the studio, Bayless and Sclafani met each other, had their first date, surprisingly, on the same day. As we know how straightforward Bayless is, he didn’t mess around and immediately said ‘You will never be more important than my Job’. However, to his surprise, Ernestine Sclafani was not intimidated by these obnoxious remarks. Probably, Sclafani had the same views about Bayless.

3. Is she the first Affair of Skip Bayless?

She is not the first wife the Bayless. But to the credit of both, they worked hard to make the relationship work. According to Bayless, he had been in a relationship four times before Sclafani and was once married to her school love.

No, Bayless is not the antagonist everyone thinks he is. Bayless has some controversial opinions, especially about LeBron James and Tony Romo. But contrary to public opinion, Bayless is a great guy who works really hard to catch up with the pace of life.

4. Heart Of Gold & Sclafani

To Ernestine Sclafani, he is the best guy ever. She thinks that the thing that makes him perfect human being is his ‘HEART OF GOLD’. In his private life, he is not only funny but also very caring and loving.

However, they spend most of their time away from each other. Probably this is the reason why they haven’t had many feuds and differences. Bayless job means that he has to live in Connecticut while Sclafani lives in Manhattan. They usually spend time together on weekends.

5. Do they have Kids?

The couple mostly tries to keep their marriage and the events regarding their personal life private. As per the reports, they don’t have any kids yet. For the couple like them, that is more concerned about the work, Kids are an unnecessary impediment to success. After all, they find solace in work and kids demand long-time commitment.


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